Halcon supersport2

Automotive Brand Contest 2016 – WINNER
Category “Exterior Premium Brand”
Our supersport car “FALCARTO“, created by Halcón SuperSport’s Head of Design Christopher Kranz, has been honored by the German Design Council with the distinguished design award “Automotive Brand Contest 2016 - Winner “ in the category "Exterior Premium Brand". The awards ceremony of the Automotive Brand Contest will be held on 29 September 2016, the first media day of the Paris Motor Show.

Dynamic lines and bold powerful contours define the form of the Halcón SuperSport "Falcarto". Handmade and design optimized in Germany, each line is a masterpiece born from calculated thought, emphasizing the solid construction developed for the sporty, passionate and enthusiastic joy of driving. The Halcón SuperSport "Falcarto" delivers thrills and emotions at any speed.
The specific design and look of the Halcón SuperSport bodykit is a true feast for the eyes; it’s interpretation of form raises standards to the next level. By incorporating lightweight carbon fiber, the total body weight is reduced and the resulting optimized dynamics make for an excellent power to weight ratio. Visible carbon fiber elements accentuate the striking design.
The Halcón SuperSport "Falcarto" possesses a centrally located V6 3.7 or 3.8 liter twin-turbo front-mid engine constructed out of aluminum with steel cylinder liners and highstrength H-Beam design rods. The use of a technology in which the variable valve and valve range are constantly adjusted, enables instant and powerful response qualities, providing an optimal torque band. The stainless exhaust system has been designed to optimize for performance and weight distribution.

depending on option between
640 and ≈ 720 hp

depending on the option
between 440 and ≈ 770 nm

Vehicle weight:
depending on the option
1510 kg to 1600 kg

Power/weight ratio:
depending on the option
≈ 3,59 kg - ≈ 2,50 kg /hp

0-100 km/h or 0-62 mph:
depending on the option
≈ 3.8 to 5 sec

Top speed:
depending on the option
and gear ratio from
285 - ≈ 320 km/h or
187 - ≈198 mph

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