Improved energy efficiency based on advanced technology

ABT-System delivers boost pressure even at idling speeds. This translates into a considerable increase in torque performance for non-turbocharged petrol engines operating at low and medium revolutions, plus additional improvements in response. In the case of turbocharged diesel and petrol engines, the ABT-System configuration compensates for the “turbo lag” that occurs when exhaust pressure is too low during engine-braking overrun, changes in load and at turning speeds of between 500 and 1500 rpm. The flow rate of conventional turbocharging systems can also be increased by the ABT-System configuration, with long and medium-term cost savings based on the reduced dimensions of the turbochargers and/or compressors used.
The ABT-System configuration can be supplied as a plug-in unit suitable for adapting an existing engine layout, at reasonable cost and with few mechanical installation tasks. The ABT-System approach can also be integrated into the new technology of hybrid electric traction. Thanks to cooperation with our partners in the field, we are able to create and develop customised solutions designed to meet your requirements.

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